• What do you do?

We’re an IT professional services company who specialise in infrastructure solutions. This tends to be data centre virtualisation including HCI, SDDC, SDN, security and private / public / hybrid clouds.

  • You have a lot of Nutanix and VMware on your website – are you tied in?

No. Whilst we are experts in these technologies, and are proud partners of these vendors, we’re vendor agnostic. We pride ourselves in being able to offer the best solution for each specific use-case, taking into account the context, requirements and constraints.

  • Why should I use you?

We provide best in breed services. Our brand is quality, and everything from design, delivery, project management and documentation, is of an industry leading standard. Our consultants come from a wide range of industries, and bring a breadth of knowledge and experience. We don’t just ‘drop’ a consultant onsite, but provide a solution, backed by the whole company’s experience and knowledge.

  • How did Virtigon come about?

The two founders – veteran architects of wide ranging verticals – saw that time and again, services companies with poor quality resources would squander money, talent and time through poor planning, making obvious process mistakes and generally mismanaging the solution either through poor experience and knowledge or at times willful ignorance. We thought we could do it better, and deliver a better service and end product for customers. And we’ve been proved right so far!

  • How can you provide return on investment?

We believe that purchasing millions of £/$/€ worth of new infrastructure, without looking at the services to assist in first understanding the business needs, the technical requirements and making sure it fit for purpose, is a shortcut to disaster.

We assist companies in understanding their requirements with thorough and documented rationale from a technological and business perspective. We properly design a solution to meet these requirements. We ensure, through process driven project delivery, that your infrastructure is configured as per the requirements. We assist in the service transition; we don’t just support the solution but we support your business in supporting the solution.

All these facts produce a solution that is efficient, fit for purpose and supportable. We save you money through getting it right first time. Allowing your business to realise the true value of a high quality solution.

  • What can’t you do?

We don’t deal with application development or bespoke application builds, coding or application manipulation. Whilst we know, understand and deliver business critical applications, our specialties lie in designing, delivering and optimising the underlying infrastructure to best suit the application(s) such as SQL, Oracle, SAP(S/4HANA), Big Data type apps, through our understanding of working with these applications on large projects.


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