About Us


So we say we work differently at Virtigon. But how? 

Let’s take a step back. To a time, when two IT professionals were working with, and for, some of the biggest players within the IT industry. Where they saw the same mistakes being made, time and time again. Mistakes that led to delay. To dissatisfaction. To failure. 

And so Virtigon was born. A new type of organisation that took the pain points of the IT industry – and made small, but critical, changes to avoid them.

So what do we do differently? What have we changed? We have created the three Virtigon Principles:

  1. 100% Ownership. Projects slow, or fail, without ownership. We take 100% ownership for our work and don’t stop until we’ve delivered. 
  2. Collective Strength. Dropping one individual into your organisation doesn’t work. Our people access the Virtigon Collective – a wealth of experience, tapping into our collective strength. 
  3. Total Empowerment. If you don’t empower us, we can’t deliver. We are honest with our clients from day one – give us a warrant card to achieve, and we’ll do just that.

We support these Principles with industry-leading processes and people. Our design, delivery, project management and documentation drive forward the standards of the industry. And our consultants come from a wide range of industries, bringing a huge breadth of knowledge and experience. 

By looking at the problems of the industry and creating a new approach, we provide a superior experience and a better ROI versus other IT infrastructure service providers – big or small. 

And our growth has proved it. Set up in 2017, we’ve experienced phenomenal growth, becoming a significant force within the IT services field. With awards and accreditations increasing every year, Virtigon consistently delivers excellent quality for vendor partners and clear ROI for clients. 


Our people are highly skilled, seasoned architects, engineers, project managers, and operations experts. We are Professional Services Partners of VMware and Premier consulting partners of Nutanix. Click here for more details.

Niall Davis


With 25 years of industry experience, Virtigon co-founder, Niall has certainly seen it done well…and not so well. Working with Chris, Niall provides the strategic direction for the business.

Chris Lawrence


With more years under his belt than he’d like to admit to, Virtigon co-founder Chris helps provide Virtigon with a strategic driving force within the company’s direction.

Mike Denton

Solutions Architect

Mike is a very talented solutions architect, with an eye for detail and an ability to quickly find the right solution for the any requirement.

Marc Burman

Resource Manager

Marc’s integral role within the team is to source the right talent at the right time. Which is good, as Marc has a preternatural skill in finding the right people.

Emma Nuttall

Finance and HR Administrator

Emma fastidiously runs Virtigon’s HR and finances. Keeping us all inline and ensuring Virtigon is a balanced and well oiled machine.

Alannah Christianson

Engagement Manager

Alannah is able to deal with extremely challenging situations, and assist in achieving project success. All this in addition to being Virtigon’s resident social media guru.


We are extremely proud to be able to say that we work for the biggest clients, situated all around the world.  Therefore, we are privileged to be able to travel to these wide ranging locations, however Virtigon recognises the impact that travel has on the environment.

Virtigon are delighted to partner with World Land Trust in an effort to reduce our environmental impact by carbon offsetting.  Whilst we realise this isn’t a perfect solution to our carbon emission production, we believe that it will help reduce its impact.

Our Services

Our services portfolio cover the end-to-end infrastructure requirements for SME, enterprise and public sector for all business IT including on premise / private cloud, public cloud and hybrid solutions.