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    How do you provide a return on my investment?

    We’ve used our extensive industry experience to create different processes and procedures to avoid pain points and improve return on investment for clients.

    What do you do?

    We are an IT infrastructure services and consultancy business, focusing on delivering an excellent experience and a superior return on investment for our partners and clients.

    What don’t you do?

    When it comes to IT infrastructure, not much! We don’t get involved with application development directly. However we do partner with companies that do – so we can easily manage this on your behalf.

    How did Virtigon come about?

    The founders spent many years working on infrastructure projects with other companies, and seeing them fail or return poor value. So they decided to create their own company – and do it better.

    Why should I use you?

    We’ve experienced the problems within the IT industry ourselves first-hand. We’ve taken these pain points and we’ve made small, but critical, changes to provide a superior experience and a better ROI for our clients. We live by the Virtigon Principles of 100% Ownership, Collective Strength and Total Empowerment. Our consultants come from a wide range of industries, and bring a breadth of knowledge and experience. Everything from design, delivery, project management and documentation is of an industry-leading standard. 

    You have a lot of Nutanix and VMware on your website – are you tied in?

    No. We have a wide offering – have a look at Our Services and Technology Partners.