Service Operations

Need top-quality IT service desk operations as an outsourced IT department or to augment your own IT team? Empower us to deliver, for efficiency and effectiveness of your operations.

What’s the Virtigon difference?

Clients generally outsource their Service Operations to us to improve one – or all – of their internal experience, efficiency or effectiveness. To deliver these improvements for you, we focus our Service Operations on:

  • Empowerment. We will ask you to empower us to succeed. With this ‘warrant card’ we are able to make things happen and implement change. 
  • Close partnership. We understand that trust and a close partnership is paramount. This ethos is at the forefront of how we deliver our Service Operations. Our clients have peace of mind in relying on us to look after their IT and therefore their business, allowing the business to do their business.
  • Efficiency. We will guide the design and implementation of ITIL standard operating models to support your business and your users.  We utilise automation and orchestration tools to ensure that we can deliver cost savings through efficiency.

We are always open to a conversation about how we can best support you and your team – and will be honest about the optimum approach. 

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Professional Services

Need to deliver a solution, or add expert resource to your team? With our outcome-focussed Professional Services, we’ll provide the skills you need, when you need them. 

What’s the Virtigon difference?

When it comes to Professional Services, we approach things a bit differently to other IT infrastructure organisations. So what do we focus on? 

  • When you tap into our Professional Services, you access the wealth of experience of the full Virtigon Collective – every member of the team brings our collective strength to the table.
  • We understand that IT investments are ultimately about business impact. Our outcome-focused methodology and award-winning technology skills ensure we identify the critical issues that your IT infrastructure must resolve – and implement long-term solutions in order to achieve real business value. 
  • We partner with you to complement your own internal teams, whilst mobilising and controlling the project overall, ensuring efficiency, effective utilisation and predictable project outcomes, on time, every time.

Our approach to Professional Services means that you get expert resource that adds superb value to your team or project. 

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Infrastructure Migration

Small-scale local migration project? Large-scale global migration project? We have extensive experience of all types of migration – and are proud to say that we deliver successfully, every time.

What’s the Virtigon difference?

For us, the key is looking at the full picture.

Not just deciding on your ongoing infrastructure platform strategy, but also how to land your applications onto your new platform. So often the latter is overlooked, causing delays and pain. 

To succeed, we ask one thing of you, our client: to empower us. We use this ‘warrant card’ to ensure we can make things happen and to implement the changes you need. 

We look out for pitfalls and avoid them before they occur. We’ve assisted our clients to overcome various technical challenges over the years, including:

  • Poor bandwidth between source and destination
  • Migrations with differing technologies between source and destination
  • Skill gaps in critical technologies
  • Uncertainty about application optimisations 
  • Complex, multi-stage migration plans

Technology challenges are one thing – but we also pride ourselves on solving business challenges, including:

  • Application owner(s) resistant to change
  • Inaccurate workload data points 
  • Differing political strategies within the organisation
  • Strenuous change control policies
  • Limited allowable outage for migrations
  • Customer team resource availability

We have migrated thousands of applications and workloads, across the biggest organisations, with multi-cloud strategies. We are confident that no challenge will arise on your migration project that we can’t work together to overcome. 

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Digital Transformation

Current systems or technologies no longer fit for purpose? We’ll evaluate your current systems, then design and deliver transformative digital solutions to future-proof your business. 

What’s the Virtigon difference?

We use our vast digital transformation experience to avoid common bumps-in-the-road by:

  • Truly understanding your business needs and aligning with the technology lifecycle of your organisation – you need a bespoke solution, not one that’s off-the-shelf 
  • Ensuring the key impacts and dependencies of changes are fully understood – by everyone that needs to understand them
  • Identifying opportunities for application optimisation
  • Taking 100% ownership for our work, from early design to the final implementation. We’ve seen too many projects fail when an organisation fails to take ownership – we pride ourselves in knowing it’s our sole responsibility to deliver. 

What’s the Virtigon process?

Whilst every project varies, a typical Virtigon digital transformation process involves:

  • Understanding your business, challenges and opportunities 
  • Assessing current systems and technologies and ability to deliver 
  • Working with you to identify the best outcome
  • Designing and proposing solutions to ensure your IT increases business efficiency
  • Delivering digital transformation, with a focus on minimising risk and maximising ROI

The most common digital transformation project we handle for clients is their journey to the cloud – a journey that must be properly matched to your application needs in order to realise the true benefits of transformation.

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