What We Offer


  • Project Management
  • Operations Support
  • Decommissioning
  • Disaster recovery / Business continuity planning
  • Solutions Architecture
  • Failed Project Recovery
  • Capacity Planning
  • Configuration Management
  • Technology and Service Design
  • Security
  • Risk / Change Management

Nutanix Fit Check

Virtigon are the foremost independent Nutanix consultancy operating in EMEA.  Virtigon’s Nutanix qualified consultants perform our infrastructure Fit Check which validates and optimises your Nutanix infrastructure.

Please view our datasheet here for more details.

vSphere Health Check

Virtigon’s vSphere Health Check  helps validate your vSphere environment and highlights deviation from best practices.  As all our consultants are qualified to VCP level as a very minimum,  you are assured an excellent level of knowledge and skill.

Please our datasheet here for more details:

vSphere Upgrade Service

Virtigon’s vSphere Upgrade Service provides an efficient and thorough upgrade process for your vSphere infrastructure.  Our top VMware architects and engineers will plan and deliver your vSphere upgrades with precision and understanding of your requirements.

Please view our datasheet here for more detail:


  • Managed physical and virtual data centre migrations
  • Managed infrastructure upgrades
  • IT solution design and implementation
  • “Greenfield” deployments
  • Data centre decommissions
  • IT infrastructure consultancy


Virtigon subscribes to the classic waterfall approach to design; with gated, sign-off phases.  We also believe that documentation is in equal parts a measure of success for a technological design and solution.

Virtigon utilises the MIL-STD-498 framework of documentation, which can be customised effectively based on the requirements of the project.

Virtigon also employs a framework to tease out the best design factors to meet requirements.  This metric based framework, when applied to a design decision will produce a conclusive and consistent conclusion.

Virtigon are practitioners of the ubiquitous Prince2 project management methodologies, as well as ITIL industry standards.


Virtigon have significant experience in all horizontal markets from small-to-medium businesses, multi-national enterprises, through to public sector. Furthermore, Virtigon have worked in the following industries:

  • Banking / Finance
  • Insurance
  • Council
  • Managed Service Providers
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications
  • Defence / Aerospace
  • Recruitment
  • Professional Services
  • Gaming
  • Agriculture


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